Summer event 2020 forge of empires

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Summer event 2020 forge of empires

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2020 Winter Event

World Selection. Welcome back. These are the worlds you've already played in:. Play in a new world that you haven't discovered yet.This year the Circus comes to town for the Halloween Event. Like last year it comes with Daily Quests as well as the Main Quests that can be completed straight away, to collect much needed Event Currency.

And includes a minigame where you will find all the Rewards and Prizes. There are also additional Mini Quests with unique Prizes that can be activated from toys found in the Circus minigame. The mechanics of this event are similar to last years Halloween Event. To put it in a nutshell, the event involves playing a minigame, in which the player has to clean and explore the tent which goes on infinitely. On the way you will encounter items hidden within fog which might be of value.

Some of these are Light Bulbs which help in progressing towards the Grand Prize. The player needs to use certain tools for clearing the fog, which may be purchased using Tickets. Each aspect is explained in detail in the following sections.

To progress on the event map, the player needs to clear fog in the tent. They can do this with the help of certain tools which clear different parts of the room. There are 3 tools, namely:. The Candle can clear only one tile of fog at a time. It is useful if one wants to obtain a certain prize.

It cannot work on Travel Cases. Cost: 10 Tickets. It only clears the tiles which are not blocked by a Travel Case and are in line with the empty tile. If there is a Travel Case tile in the way, it will be blocked from reaching any tiles below or above it. The advantage of this is that a large number of tiles can be cleared in one go, while the disadvantage is that if a Travel Case tile blocks its path, it cannot work beyond it. Cost: 35 Tickets. The Lantern is useful when one wants to clear tiles on a large scale.

summer event 2020 forge of empires

It can be placed only on an empty tile, and clears all adjacent 7 tiles. However, it doesn't clear those tiles which are Travel Cases.

Cost: 50 Tickets.

summer event 2020 forge of empires

One must remember that depending on the situation, one might have different preferences for the tool required to be used.

Tools are distinctive in the fact that they cannot be obtained from the rewards of quests. Instead, they have to be bought using the event currency, Tickets.

Tools can be obtained from the Tool Shop, highlighted in the picture. The shop sells individual items as well as 2 sets of the tools, with differing costs.This will be our first guide on the event; we are looking to release a second part due to the large amount of information and content we will be going through. We start with what all players are always immediately interested in first: What is the new grand prize of the event?

It will deliver almost as much population as regular residential buildings of the same age with the same floor space in all ages and already at level 1. By upgrading to level 9 this is almost doubled. Very important for many players: This building will also provide happiness, in every age and expansion level, more than the supplied population takes up. Already at level 1 the villa delivers 3 random goods of the age of the building every day. This will increase to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and at level 9, a full 40 goods per day.

From level 4 the building is a small Alcatraz. It delivers 1 to 4 random goods of the current age daily, depending on the expansion level. Let us remember the announcement in the journal. There will be a PvP Endless Tournament. This mansion wants to help us get ready for that. That must have been before Halloween No Forge points? Starting at upgrade level five, it will provide attack strength for the attacking army. Plus, as always, many other attractive prizes.

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As every year, the summer event in particular is a tremendous accelerator for the development of even younger cities. The many Forge points, medals, buildings, and other prizes are particularly noticeable in new cities.

But we would be very happy if these could help new players with one or the other additional tips in the comments below this guide. The first tip goes without saying: Log in every day and collect the daily reward. This applies to every event. In the summer event, this is a doubloon which is then used on the wheel of fortune.

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Basically, this Event Quests Guide also helps in all other events, because the tasks are always very similar. It is a good preparation before every event to have a healthy stock of Forge points in your inventory.

More than 14, as in my case is completely exaggerated. Then we should gather supplies.A work in progress is being carried out on this page by Puer et morietur IIand it may undergo critical changes while this message remains in place. As a courtesy, please contact the user before making edits on this page.

Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 [Event Guide]

Willkommen in Mistletown! Wie war ihre Reise hierher? Sie haben den Winter-Express genommen, nicht wahr? Sorry, Welcome to Mistletown! How was your journey here? You took the Winter Express, yes? Collect the Stars, open the Presents, find a key and collect the Matches, light the candles to illuminate the homes and collect more Rewards.

If you find a key you can open the next box on the calendar, one key per day of the event. The player will need Stars to open presents - 10 stars for 1 present.

2020 Summer Event

Additional Stars can be collected without using diamonds in the following ways:. Additional Stars can be bought using diamonds :. To access the presents window, click the Winter Event Button at the left side of the screen of your browser pictured here or at the right side in the app. The player uses stars to open the presents and claim what is hidden inside. The player can open as many presents as they can afford, and win everything over and over again. Rewards remain the same until midnight server time or until the "Shuffle" is found in a present.

All Presents will unwrap but not be awarded at midnight server time. Every time you open a present, a snowfall will start on your town and surrounding area.

summer event 2020 forge of empires

The effect is quite spectacular, but will not be displayed if Animations under Settings is turned off. The purpose of the City Lights is to award the Grand Prize once 20 lights are lit, using Matches, where matches are obtained through opening presents. Whenever the player opens a present, they will receive a match.

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The matches won will be stacked up in the top right corner of the Event screen. Towards the top of the playing window is the City. The player should use the matches collected to light up the City. Any solitary match might randomly provide candles for the city. There are 20 buildings to be lit. Once the City is fully illuminated, the City will be refreshed and the assigned Grand Prize will be credited to the player's inventory. This is a special deal offered during the Winter Event.

Each collected Reindeer will add a random item to this deal while the price remains unchanged. Collect Reindeer by finding the Daily Special. Collect 9 Reindeer to get the most items for your diamonds.

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Should I build a Cape Canaveral in Forge of Empires? This is why Cape is bad for Newer Players

Thread starter Dudettas Start date Jun 8, Dudettas Community Manager. The Summer Event will run from June 9th to June 29th. To board the Wheel of Fortune, click the bar in the top left corner of your screen:. The Governor's Villa - Level 9.

Last edited: Jun 8, Please note this information is provisional for Beta and is subject to change. Age Provides Produces. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, The assets for the SummerEvent were not released in the latest App update 1. Unfortunately, this means that some aspects of the Event and the Governor's Villa may not work correctly until the next version is released.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this causes. The new Governor's Villa output has been updated above. Doubloons have now been credited, you may need to refresh to see them.

You must log in or register to reply here.Summer is here at last.

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And this year we return to Forge Island yet again, to take part in the annual Summer festival! As soon as you get there, you will hear from the local Governor, who will offer you to take a spin on the mysterious 'Wheel of Fortune' and see what rewards it has in store for you!

Then journey with the famous Pirate Jane to find even more rewards. The Summer Event is a seasonal event that will run from 28th July to 17th August To access the event window, click on the Summer Event bar at the top left corner of the screen. The player will now see the Summer Event window pictured abovecontaining the Wheel of Fortune, the Map, a neighborhood actions log, and some buttons to spin or refresh the wheel.

In order to spin the wheel, the player first needs to earn Doubloons. Each spin of the wheel costs one Doubloon and results in one prize see Wheel Prizes and one compass to complete the Map. Any player can also refresh and spin the wheel at a cost of one Doubloon to call up a whole new set of prizes for the neighborhood. Spinning or refreshing the wheel will still result in getting a prize on the new wheel.

Golden circle prizes are the most special prizes and can be won by one lucky spinner. Silver circle prizes are other valuable items that can be won by two spinners. Green circle prizes are the most common type of reward and can be won by four spinners.

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You can see how many of each prize is left in the circle surrounding the image of the prize. If for example, you win one of a specific prize where four are available, it is removed from the wheel and only three of them will remain for your neighbors to win.

This goes on until all the prizes in the wheel run out or until one of your neighbors resets the wheelat which point the wheel is automatically refreshed with a new set of prizes. The player may be expected to receive the following amount of Doubloons if they complete the entire event and login at least once a day.

At the right side of the event window you can find the Map. With each spin of the wheel you will get 1 Compass. For each complete map you will receive a Grand Prize.

It takes 20 Leagues to complete a map and every Compass you collect will take you 1, 2 or 3 steps further on the map.

For example: Say you get an average of 2 Leagues each turn, then it will take you 10 turns Compasses to complete a map. The event features two questlines presented by the Governor and Pirate Jane. The Main Questline and the Daily Questline. Every solved quest grants the player with a reward.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Please ensure a translation in to English is provided if your post is not in English and to respect your fellow players when posting. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter DeletedUser Start date Jul 13, Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 15 of 18 Go to page. Not a bad event compared to a lot of em, i would save any moans till you get the pvp arena and loose the towers now that proper sux.

Thomas Covenent Major-General. Matt the Melancholic said:. I used six archers. Wait till the enemy gets in range. Hit them all to weaken them, DONT take them out one at at a time!!!! After weakening, hit any likely to counter attack, try and kill them first. Then the remainders.

summer event 2020 forge of empires

Use any attack boosts you have, inventory AND tavern! Deleted member Thomas Covenent said:.


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