Light novel translations reddit

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Light novel translations reddit

A talent that is supposedly only useful in a gamehas suddenly become useful in real life?! Power was given by the fairy which allowed Taiyo to level up in real life, Immediately he attempted to raise his level by performing monotonous work, however he ended up decreasing his charm instead!

Taiyo is aiming to reach level Furthermore he wants to fully enjoy his harem life filled with 7 beautiful brides. I say this is awesome! Here you are translating it! Before everything else, thank you! May i just ask if the one working on these projects is a team or a one man army? That would be great. I like a lot of the stuff you are working on and would like to see translations progress at least a little faster.

Can you translate this novel? He caught protagonist syndrome when he leveled up. Symptoms include plot armor, abnormally high encounter rate with beautiful and omen, and excreting a potent pheromone that makes one irresistible to the opposite sex. The kind of illness all men dream of contracting. Bad Coding? Essentially his original Charm Stat was at least 0 at the start, and by doing monotonous work a.

Why ? I was wondering, what kind of LN is this? I did not find any info on the googlez. Please more chapter please…. So is there no regular release schedule for the novel?

If not, how much is each chapter cost? Hello, there, if you want all the pics instantly, you can always purchase the novel from Amazon.

Is there some sort of a time table on when the chapter related picture links work again? Well I know the links work but there is nothing at the other side so I was just wondering.

If you are open to suggestions you could do an image dump Google Doc. I find it frustrating since the status and leveling up are actually the original main focus of the novel with the harem being secondary. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Main directory: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Email Address. I Became a Living Cheat. Cover Illustrations. Volume 1. Volume 2. Volume 3. Volume 4.A light novel or a raito noberu is a kind of Japanese novel that targets the middle school and high school demographic and tells stories from every genera that children going through those age groups can read and be excited about.

Light novels are, in definition, quite like novels written in the west and have about 50, words which are about the size of an average American novel. Light novels are often published in a specific style and have dense publishing schedules. However, light novels are illustrated with anime and manga style art style, which is later used to convert these novels into animes. Light novels are just as exclusive to Japan as manga are.

In fact, most of the anime that we see today have been adapted from Japanese light novels. Reading up on light novels is just like catching up with your favorite anime and getting to know what really went on in the story. Light novel translations are also very common.

With all of the present day light novels available on it, KissLightNovels is the last mild novel studying vacation spot! There are several reasons to jump the ship and move into reading more light novels! First of all, there have been several amazing and popular animes that have been created based on light novels. Sword Art Online and Re: Zero are just some of the amazing examples of the kind of adventures light novels hold for anime and manga lover. Plus to add to that, they have more to say!

This is usually because the anime does not have time to go into the details of the story. So, reading a light novel on KissLightNovels might just be the way you jump into something amazing early on! Like we mentioned before light novels are exclusive to the manga writing east and that makes them a great way to get to know more about Japanese culture while having as much as possible.

A certain magical index or Toaru Majutsu no Index is a story about a boy down on his luck in a world full of magicl creatures and people with incrediable powers.

how to translate raw Light Novel( png or jpg ) page

The only thing he has is a certain skill called the imagine breaker, which can deflect anything thrown at him, but results in really bad luck. Things just get worse when he meets a girl with a terrible secret called index. For those of you who are fans of the anime and of L. Death note another note is an excellent light novel to start reading. It serves as a prequel to the series and it allows the reader to look back into the past and watch L solve one of the greatest mysterious that took place in LA.

He calls for help and recruits Naomi Misora.Hey there guys. Manga here with something different for you all. Please do check it out. Here is the prologue.


So please do make some. Give me any and all thoughts on it. Even though I rarely comments on the projects, I always read your translations! Thank you very much for the chapter!

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I am not sure. I picked up the novel because it is already 10 volumes long and I liked the cover. So glad to see you picking this up!

light novel translations reddit

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light novel translations reddit

Notify me of new posts by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Man Eating Dungeon Chapter Manas June 18, at pm.Volume At yuNS Translations.

Konsuba: Yorimichi Short Story compilation. Like Like. May 1st today is the first day of sale. CG translated the Twitter announcement on this very site a while back, and the book has been released on schedule. Translating takes time, after all. But if the author is gonna dig up the past all the way back to Vol 7, that works too.

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Like Liked by 1 person. Also there might be short stories about what happened after volume 17, so be papered to have some of your questions answered in the short stories. Thanks for all your hard work. Volume 17 of the main story or Dust Spin off Volume 6???

I just tried the link and I got the same result. It used to work though: when I first started reading Konosuba translations, they were on that site. That was before CG started. The site is changing domains, so it might be uncontactable for awhile. But well, it would be cruel and silly for the author to thank everyone only for the purpose of trolling us all, so… sounds a lot like a confirmation!

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Like Liked by 2 people. Dude thanks for the confirmation. Sorry if u read all that, I really happy that you confirmed that for us. I was sad that Konosuba was ending and all. But that just cheered me up. A lot.The fan-translator Hitori doesn't ask for any donations to be given, her work is done free. Remember not to give donations to anyone claiming to be Hitori.

Be reminded that there is no consistent schedule when this google doc will be updated. This google doc receive its update from other Overlord fans apart from yourself who are reading the fan-translation of Vol If there is no new update shown on the google doc, then that only means several things: 1 Hitori has yet to release a new translated part or 2 The one responsible for editing that doc has yet to read the new translated part and edited the changes into it.

Also, credits to -firedragon1x- for also compiling Hitori's fan-translation and everything else down below: The pdf files are still being updated whenever Hitori released a new translated part of Vol Albedo fought when she intervenes in the 1vs1 match between Ainz vs Riku that ended because of her.

Disfigure Thank you for your suggestion on the 'last option'. I'm still hoping Ainz can fight the Brightness Dragon Lord like on the side story Who knows maybe Maruyama-sama might include that. On the other hand, it is quite sad to know that the Prince is killed, if it's Ainz maybe Hope other characters die a painless one if condemned to die by Nazarick. The intermission after Chapter 2 is not official: The official one ends once Riberun leaves the room; everything that follows is an hentai fan fiction.

Someone is trying too hard to be Nigel.

YHKO Chapter 00

Overlord Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Overlord Google Docs. Overlord Volume 14 - Google Drive drive. Same here on Albedo vs Riku. Lost in Translation i guess. You can always look at the last option I suggested at the end of my post. Someone is trying too hard to be Nigel It would be great if this was noted somewhere. I really hope there isn't further sneakily added stuff like this.

Very nice. Its kinda weird not reading it at nigelNon-fiction does share many similarities, but there are also some differences, so I will be primarily focusing on fiction here. That is even more relevant if you were doing this for your full time job, since faster output generally means more money in your pocket.

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As for requirements to be a good translator, I think you really need to be fluent or near-fluent in both languages. You also need to have great writing skills and editing skills in your language. This also may seem obvious, but also make sure you understand it completely at least the part you are translating. So get it squared away now. To be honest, though I had used charcoal before I had little idea of what it actually was, or how it was made. Although this only mattered for a few sentences, I decided to watch a Youtube video or two about the charcoal making process in Japanese and it was quite informative.

But for some genres I might still consider it. This may vary depending on the reason you are translating, for whom, and whether it is paid or not, but personally I think the title itself is the most important thing. After that, I think a summary or a teaser like what is shown on the back of a novel is second in importance. After that, of course the introduction, whether it is a prologue or first chapter, is extremely important for the same reasons. If you are releasing in pieces like chapters and you have some control over the timing, another thing you should decide early on is how far ahead you want to translate compared to what you release.

So for example you could translate chapters 1,2, and 3, and then release 1. For example, once or twice when I was translating a chapter, I realized that there was a better term than the one I had chosen, and this was a term that was used for the last few chapters. If possible, I recommend buying a digital copy and sometimes if you play around with it you can cut and paste little by little though this only is realistic for a few pages and becomes tedious.

The reason is the same— there are weird quirks with WordPress, like for example there can be different types of carriage returns that result in differently sized vertical spaces. When I make a first cut at translation, my goal is to go through it from start to finish, line by line, and produce a good rough translation that conveys the meaning of the source text good enough that I could show it to someone if asked to. I always try to use proper grammar, natural wording, and generally do not skip sections or jump around.

However, I generally look up words online in a variety of places, including dictionaries and other sites. Even if I find a candidate in a dictionary whose meaning is appropriate, it may not fit the tone of the passage or the personality of the character who is speaking. In times like this, I just sit and think about it until it comes to me, sometimes looking through related materials looking for a better term.

Besides individual words and phrases, generally the longer the sentence is, the more time it takes for me to shift around the elements in my head in English until I get something that sounds reasonable.This is the story of a young slave gladiator in an underground arena.

One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman strength.

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After learning that Aegir only knows how to kill, Lucy lets him stay at her house, educating and taking care of him. Making this his life goal, Aegir set out on a journey to become a hero, a king, and found his own kingdom. Thus only read this novel if you are 18 or above. Hey, thanks for picking this up for translation. I read the whole I Alone Level Up by google translations when it was being translated bcz i just could not wait. Wanna try your hand at editing?

Man, took a look at the patreon, and i really wish i had the money to read those chapters, the titles make me really intereted in them, plus there are many.

An advice, maybe you shouldtake 1 or 2 days to pump more chapters into patreon, until there are 10 and adjust the tiers, that way you may get more people. Any hope of getting more illustrations? I wanna see what Myla and Sekrit look like also a world map would be greatly appreciated. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Road to Kingdom. Translated by Larvyde Translated by Light Novels Translations. Chapters I hope the seinen is as little impact as possible… on the mind…? I hate seinen novels… a LOT. Just in case this novel is worthy and I have nothing to worry about,? Thanks for doing this novel.

light novel translations reddit

Alairion March 30, at am. I like the novel, but where is ? And is 22 only 2 parts I am a little lost. Nefarian March 30, at am. SmutSmith May 8, at am. Grid October 23, at pm. Will a page for illustrations for this novel appear? Nefarian May 23, at pm.


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