Anveo phone number

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Anveo phone number

Once you have set up your Anveo account and telephone number, you will notice that the outgoing Caller ID what people see on their phone when you call them is your Anveo phone number. Say that, when you call people, you want them to see your Google Voice phone number or your cell phone number instead of your Anveo phone number. This is called Caller Id spoofing.

You might like to do this while you are evaluating your Obi vs your regular telephone line: forward your regular phone line to your Anveo phone number and change your outgoing CallerID on your Anveo phone number to your regular phone number. Here are the steps to accomplish this for your Anveo telephone number. Then, give your changes time to take, up to 24 hours.

Not that it is relevant, but my google voice number comes through as unknown which results in calls being screened. Is this possible? Thanks for this info — if I wanted to flip this scenario around, now wanted to use Google Voice as the primary outgoing line for free outgoing callsbut still use the Anveo number as the outgoing CallerID, is this possible?

The outgoing call would originate from your Google Voice account and, if it does that, the outgoing callerID will be your Google Voice phone number. Nope, but post your question at either of these forums and I am certain that you will get your answer: I am not certain that I understand what you are asking. All other calling and CallerID works as expected? Tom notified me that he is using Callcentic and not Anveo.

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His problem with Callcentric is unresolved. Not working for me. Andrew notified me that the issue that he was having was an iPhone issue and not an Anveo issue. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. LinkedIn 0. Bookmark the permalink.

Adam Greenberg says:. September 20, at pm. Rob says:. September 21, at am. Try rebooting your obi. Try a post at the obitalk forum for current input on the problem.Thank you! If you wish, you may update it before sending it. Regards, [redacted]. Review: Anveo does not respect the terms of use, particularly when it comes to issuing refunds.

When you sign up for an Anveo account, you can pre-pay for a year and that amount is not refundable ok but then you can add funds to your account for international calls or for extra minutes.

I tried cancelling Anveo service and recognized that I won't get the prepaid amount back but they are refusing to refund the unusued funds in the account simply confiscating money that isn't theirs. Worse yet, they have no customer service etiquette, treat customers rudely and there are no contact phone numbers for any resolution.

Accounts with negative balances must pay off the balance prior to closing the account. Desired Settlement: In line with their Terms of Servcie, I'd like a refund of the unusued account balance in 2 accounts that I have repeatedly contacted them about. They simply cannot hijack the money held in my account and refuse to refund it.

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Website: www. Add new contacts. Regards, [redacted] Useful Reply Reviewer Share Report Review: Anveo does not respect the terms of use, particularly when it comes to issuing refunds.

anveo phone number

Useful Reply Empty reviews don't really do much!Reasons for BBB Rating. Average of 1 Customer Review. View Complaints Summary. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. What do you think? Share your review. Read More. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.

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BBB reports on known marketplace practices. Home Pennsylvania Trevose Telephones Anveo. Anveo Telephones. Leave a Review. Customer Complaints 1 complaints closed in last 3 years 1 complaints closed in last 12 months. File a Complaint. Are you the business owner of Anveo? Claim your listing. Business Details.

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anveo phone number

I cancelled my service with Anveo. They had no right to do this.

Make your Anveo phone number ring multiple phones, step-by-step…

The phone number is mine. Anveo has destroyed my property, my phone number. This may have negative consequences for me and my patients. Customer Reviews 1 Customer Reviews. Business Categories Telephones.You can make your Anveo phone number ring up to 4 phones, simultaneously, when there is an incoming call. Have it ring your home, your cell phone, your cottage and even your homes in London, Paris or New York. Configuring your Anveo phone number to ring up to 4 phone numbers, at the same time, is easy — just follow along below….

This happens for each new phone number that you set up. Have no fear! Next, we must edit the new call flow to allow it to ring multiple phones simultaneously. You should have something that looks like the screenshot below. Now we need to add the phone numbers that we wish to have ring, simultaneously, when someone calls.

You can experiment with Mobile Phone when you have time. Once you click Save, you will see this screen:. Here is a completed example:.

Once you click SAVEyou will see the following screen. Just click the X in the upper-right corner of the box displayed to close it. Click on Call Options to see this:. If following these steps does not work for you, then one of us has made a mistake. Please add a comment below and we will sort it out. Thank you so much for posting this. I would not have been able to figure this out on my own. Thanks to you I am up and running. By Rob September 17, - pm November 26, Anveo.Get Started.

How can you offer DIDs at such low prices? Anveo Direct is a subsidiary of Anveo. All Anveo Direct users can benefit from our low rates. Anveo Direct has interconnects with over 56 carriers for outgoing calls and Anveo Direct offers users a way to select which carriers will be used for their outgoing calls routed through Anveo Direct service.

There is no minimum commitment level and no monthly minimum, and you can purchase even a single phone number at the same low price. There is no catch. With such low prices for all users, we have to manage our costs really well. Customer Support and Technical Support is offered via online tickets; each customer gets a limited number of free tickets hours response time.

Regular Support hours response time and Prime Support hours response time levels are available as Add-ons. Customer Support and Technical Support is only offered using our online ticketing system.

Anveo Direct is a pre-paid service. You need to add funds to your account before you can order a phone number. All charges will be deducted from your Anveo Direct account balance at the renewal date. Funds in your account will never expire. However, we do reserve the right to review this policy in the future. However, you can use Anveo.

When you order a phone number, Anveo will pro-rate the amount to the following 15th of the month. You will be notified via email and you will be given 48 hours to add funds and pay for the renewal. Otherwise, phone numbers will be blocked.

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If the renewal invoice is not paid in full 5 days later, phone numbers might be canceled. Yes, we support LNP. Please download porting authorization form here. All sales are final and there are no refunds for DIDs or Add-ons. You can pick a phone number in US. In all other countries phone numbers are assigned automatically. You must keep a phone number for at least 3 months. If a phone number is canceled before 3 months have passed, your account will be charged a prorated amount to enforce the 3-month rule.

As a general rule, DIDs must not be used to trigger call-back services, DIDs must not be used for collect calls, and Early Media should be limited to a length of 60 seconds. All other types of voice traffic are considered as non-conforming and subject to the surcharge according to Anveo Direct Terms of Use. Anveo Direct service does not proxy RTP and thus media codec is negotiated between your server and the carrier routing the call.

Most carriers support G.

anveo phone number

You need to allow the following IP addresses to reach your network: About Us Contact Us. Copyright Anveo Inc. All rights reserved.Anveo offers 2 monthly options for residential phone numbers. In addition, if you are an Obi user, they offer 2 annual residential plans.

To understand the differences, read on…. Here is a quick chart of the similarities and differences:. Aside from the monthly cost, the two differences are:. Incoming Calls are when someone calls your phone number. In the other, there are no charges for the call. You can start with either plan and switch later based on your usage.

There are no additional set up charges when you switch phone number plans. Anveo simply includes this feature for free as both plans provide for at least 2 simultaneous incoming calls. Why would you need, or want, your residential phone line to be capable of receiving up to 1o simultaneous incoming calls? The Canadian government CRTC requires that any phone line capable of placing Outgoing calls be traceable to an actual address or physical location.

This is so that the operator will know, immediately, the physical location of the person calling.

Change outgoing CallerID number on Anveo.

E stands for Enhanced It is used for on all Canadian cell phone numbers and VoIP phone numbers. Regular is used on all standard phone lines, and, you see the cost of it on you telephone bill.

Anveo is required, by law, to register any of its phone numbers to a physical location if that phone number is capable of Outgoing calls. If, for whatever reason, you do not need a phone number capable of Outgoing calls, then you do not need to pay for E An example of this would be if you used an Obi ATA — you could receive incoming calls through your Anveo account and place your Outgoing calls through your Google Voice account. The bottom line is this: If you wish to place Outgoing calls through your Anveo phone line, you must pay for E Anveo charges for all Outgoing calls, at a per minute rate, based on the country that you are calling regardless of which plan you select.

The duration and cost of each call is available to you on their website. There are some more expensive Canadian and US destinations, see here for all rates. You must pay in advance, for one full year. Transferring your existing phone number to Anveo:.

You can, if you wish, transfer your existing phone number to Anveo. While the process is under way, you regular phone line will continue to work. I followed your post to set up my Anveo account two weeks ago. Your post was very helpful. Thank you. I searched intensively. All I can think of for now is to order a new number and cancel the old one. Could you please provide some instructions?

If you wish to switch your phone number plan, I would submit a support ticket telling them what you want and ask them how you should proceed. Thank you so much for your post. I am opting to take the one year plunge with ANVEO while having google voice as a secondary out just in case.Incoming calls can be routed based on the Google Contacts details such as Google Contact Group membership.

Also, a new Google Contact can be created with incoming caller details if no Google Contact details were found. Posted by Anveo 0 comments.

New 'Cheaper than dirt' prices and no setup fees! Our new prices for incoming phone numbers are really 'Cheaper Than Dirt'! In addition to the lower prices across the board there is no Setup Fees when a phone number is purchased on 'Personal Unlimited' or 'Office Unlimited' rate plan.

Today we are pleased to release our patent pending and innovative Emergency Calls Management solution as part of Anveo.

So as of now Anveo. Frankly, most providers take a straight forward path and provide a simplistic E implementation which offers just enough to satisfy the regulatory framework. Not many providers are willing to commit resources both financial and human to do more than required to stay compliant. Anveo is a different company. We love to innovate and we do that for all new feature we implement so even a common feature like E can be innovative. Innovation 1 and the most important one Emergency Dispatch Notification.

What is Emergency Dispatch Notification? Emergency Dispatch Notification is used to notify an interested party a person, a group of people, IT systems when emergency call is dispatched. Here is what Emergency Dispatch Notification from a consumer perspective: Lets consider the following a very likely in real life situation.

An elderly person is staying home while other family members at work.

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Then an emergency happens and the person dials and the person is taken into a hospital. In many such cases family members are only become aware of the situation a few hours later. Business Customers will find Emergency Dispatch Notification even more beneficial. Some of our customers even have Emergency Management Systems in house which log and handle emergency cases.

Up to 5 Emergency Dispatch Notifications can be configured.


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